Monday, February 3, 2014

A pain in the a**

Injury is unavoidable after all these years of pounding the pavement. The list of the 7 most common running injuries reads like the 7 deadly sins: ITB syndrome, plantar fasciitis, runner's knee (aka patellofemoral pain syndrome), shin splints, hamstring issues, achilles tendonitis, and stress fracture. And yes, I've suffered almost all of them.

Now I get to cross another one off the list.

For the past month, I've had some nagging pain in my right butt cheek. Yesterday during my run, it really started to hurt. When I finished my 10 miler, I had trouble lifting my right leg up to go up the stairs. My friend Sara, aka Cheesy Runner Mom, commented yesterday on the severe grading of the roads around here. I've been doing a lot of road running this winter. I think that may have nagged this one on...

Yep. Piriformis syndrome. Actually..I'm not one for drama, so let's call it pre-piriformis syndrome. A major pain in the ass. Hasn't travelled down my leg yet. And it won't, if I can help it.

A little preventative medicine: yoga stretches and rolling.

I stretched out into pigeon pose:

And rolled on my lacrosse ball. And no, this is not me!

After this targeted therapy, I felt some relief.

Today was a planned yoga day. I have done yoga for a long time, and since I was so sore from running yesterday on slippery roads, I wanted something that would stretch me out. Something akin to Yin Yoga. None of the videos I have would do, so I turned to YouTube and found a great slow video that hit all the targets. The poses were held for a loooooooooooong time. This type A+ gal had a little trouble settling down at first but once I started my yoga breathing, it was all good.

Now I feel loose and relaxed. On tap for tomorrow...treadmill intervals. Let's see how that all works out.


  1. Oh bummer! I've never had the pain in the ass but I've been one before. Haha! Glad you are feeling some relief.

    1. It's still nagging at me...I hope it doesn't turn into anything!