Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Slip slidin' away

Today was a planned yoga day. But then I saw this: 

And this: 

The forecast for the rest of the week does not look good at all. We are supposed to get torrential rains tomorrow, and on top of all the snow we have on the ground, it looks like we are in for a mess. Then the cold returns. Once it freezes, the region will become one big ice rink. And while 37 degrees may not seem warm to some people, to us midwesterners who have been in the deep freeze for 2 months, it is a heat wave. So I decided to bag the yoga for today, even though my legs protested, and hit the road. I almost wore capris, but my legs need a little deforesting....

The beautiful blue sky and sunshine felt warm. 
Still lots of snow on the ground behind me!

In spite of the warm temperatures, my run wasn't exactly perfect. I had to stop a quite a few times to navigate hazards. 

Like this:
Chunked up snow that melted and froze into ice balls. Agility is a skill that comes in handy here, jumping from one open spot to another.

And this:

This is what I like to call "take a chance on me". It looks like frozen ice, doesn't it? Solid, I'll just shuffle along to keep my balance. Oops, nope, it isn't as thick as it seems...and down to the bottom of the puddle I go. Cold water in my running shoe. Thank god for my SmartWool socks. They really do wick the moisture away!

And this:

There is no way I'm walking through this slushie. So along the side of the path is some chunked up ice. A test of balance, as I walked along the narrow icy stuff, arms out to the side.

And this.

Looks clear, right? Nope. Black ice. The absolute worst road hazard--a heart stopping experience. Just running along, enjoying the day, and woooosh! you're sliding, out of control, trying not to fall. 

Running in the winter and early spring is always a challenge. You might not get into a groove. But you take it for what it is. Fresh air. Sunshine. And the promise of spring.

I can't complain. We need days like this to lift our spirits, give us a taste of spring. Birds were singing. I know spring will come. 

Just be careful out there!

When is your favorite time of year to run?


  1. Thank you for sharing your run with us. It is a completely different experience but yet beautiful!

  2. It was glorious out there today....once I waited long enough for some of the ice to melt. I was too warm in tights but I'm not complaining. First world problems, right? I think my favorite time of year to run is fall.

    1. I do love fall running...but I also love spring, everything is so fresh!

  3. In winter, doing yoga is very helpful, because it helps your body to keep warm. It also prevents aches in your joints that may be caused by the extreme cold. But with a weather like that, skipping yoga is understandable. Because that was really a great opportunity to jog and simply enjoy the warm breeze. As long as you're keeping fit anyway, right?

    Conrad Mills @ Toronto Top Team

    1. That's right! I do yoga at least once/week, have for the past 17 years! It is so beneficial! Thanks for checking out the blog!