What I like

Here's what gets me moving. I don't work for these companies nor do I get anything for free. This is just my list of go-tos and what keeps me running and biking!

Altho if anyone wants me to endorse their products, I'm happy to do it...

Namaste to my yoga studio, Pulsation Yoga.

I run in Asics Gel Nimbus. I have for years. 

I'm not an ultramarathoner. But I fuel with Tailwind Nutrition. And I'm proud to represent as a Tailwind Trailblazer. There's nothing better. Got questions? Email me for more info.

I love INKnBURN. After all these years, I found a clothing company that I'm happy to represent. Made in the USA and not mass produced, their unique designs make me happy! You will too.

My feet love Injinji. Those crazy toe socks have kept my feet so happy!

I carry all my gear in my SpiBelt. It fits low around my hips, stays flat, and doesn't move. 

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