Saturday, July 6, 2024

More Rain! More Mud! More Humidity!

The title of this post is not a wish list. It's a lament. I only wish we could get a break from this relentless moisture.

While we aren't getting rains that Wisconsin is--more on that in a minute--we've certainly had more than our share. When it isn't raining, it is oppressively humid. I try to find the good in everything and yes, the flowers and foliage are lush and beautiful. But it's hard to breathe when I run and the mud on my trails is making me slip, slide, and fall. The biting flies are loving the conditions and my repellant isn't as much of a deterrent as I hoped. I broke down and ordered a head net to keep the flies out of my eyes. 

The other bad news is that my upcoming trail race, Dances with Dirt, scheduled for next weekend in Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin, has been canceled. This is due to all the rain, which has led to poor trail conditions and flooding in the park. I've been wanting to run this race for years! I signed up for the 10k to see what it's like. I was hoping to run a half there next year. I have to decide if I will defer or run it virtually. 

Wisconsin has had so much rain that last week our lake was a 'no wake zone'. Boats and piers were freely floating in the water. The water has receded some, but more rain is on the way. The storms just keep tracking across that same area. You know how bummed I am about not being able to ski much this summer! I sure hope things improve.

Monday, July 1, 2024

Mini Book Reviews: June 2024

Disclaimer: I received copies of Margo's Got Money Troubles, The Midnight Feast, Sandwich, Husbands and Lovers, and Bear from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest reviews.

June just flew by, didn't it? And of course, I read plenty of books this month. My NetGalley prereleases were getting cumbersome, so almost the entire month working through the list, knocking out 5 of them. I loved four of them--surprisingly, the one I didn't care for was written by Lucy Foley, who is a very popular thriller author. It would be hard to choose a favorite out of the other 4--I enjoyed them all very much! 

But it was A Walk in the Park that had my heart and took a while for me to read. It was long, yes, but it was just so good. It is a must read for anyone who loves to hike or run trails, or who wants to learn more about the Grand Canyon. I fully expect to see this on year-end lists of best of non-fiction books!