Saturday, May 17, 2014

The kindness of runners

I continue to be amazed at how good I feel, mentally, in spite of the fact that I haven't run in over 10 days. When I first got the news about my broken foot, I was shocked and sad. If you follow me, you know that I was determined to keep moving and hit the road on my bike. Then the rains came...and the cold weather. On a cold, blustery day this week, I went biking anyways and turned my mood around. Mind over matter. That positive feeling has stayed with me since that ride, through a horrendously busy day at work yesterday, into today, a beautiful yet cool spring day. Perfect for a run, right? Actually, I'll be pedalling later, once it warms up a bit. It did snow yesterday! Oh, the horror!

Tomorrow, the day of my race, the weather forecast looks even better. One might even say perfect! But guess who won't be running? I will be there though! As a spectator. My first ever DNS. Ever. I don't know how many races I've actually run in my life...but it is a lot. My perfect attendance record--poof! I guess it's true--there is a first time for everything.

I'm actually mostly ok with not running the race. Last night, I saw pictures of the race shirt online (it is really cute, one I'll actually wear because yes, I could have run this thing) and felt a little tug inside. Later on, I received an email from Marcia, who blogs at Marcia's Healthy Slice. Earlier in the week she offered to drive me down to the race--I hope she was serious, because I took her up on that offer! Last night, she told me she picked up my packet and would be here at 515am to pick me up.

I've never met Marcia before, but I've been following her blog and we've corresponded back and forth for a while. I feel like I know her already. All I have to say is wow! What a nice thing she's done for me! It's not that I couldn't have driven myself down there. But the fact that we'll get to spend time together, really get to know each other, makes going to the race as a spectator that much easier for me, mentally. I mean, let's face it. Who would feel excited about hobbling up to the starting line at a race you were supposed to run--alone?! I am...gimpy runner...I don't know that I would have gone.

Anyways, since her offer, I've felt really good and positive in spite of my injury. It is amazing what the kindness of one person can do for another who is having a rough time.

Others have been equally as kind. The support and love shown by fellow runner bloggers and Facebook followers has really lifted me up. I've always said that runners are good people. When I'm out for a run, and I see another runner, I almost always get a wave or "the nod". When I'm out for a bike ride and see other cyclers, not so much. Isn't that interesting?

In spite of the fact that I've been a runner for almost 25 years (my poor feet!), I've never been part of a running group. I never felt like I was a real "runner", believe it or not. I know the saying is that if you run, you are a runner. But I thought the people in those groups were hardcore, running races all the time. I was intimidated by the idea of joining a running group and meeting other runners. When I started following various bloggers and meeting some of them, I realized how silly my fears were. And kicked myself for not becoming part of the running community sooner. I love the virtual running community, tho, because I have connected with runners from all over the world. How cool is that?

So this is a big thank you--a virtual Marcia, to my local running "posse", to everyone who's reached out and lifted me up. Yes, I'm getting tired of the boot (already!) but I've learned a lot about my fellow runners in this short time I've been injured. You might not realize how small gestures mean a lot, how little words of encouragement can make a difference. We pick each other up when we're down. It's a big deal.

Group hug! And GO HAWKS!


  1. Love your positive attitude--it is NOT easy, I know! I think it takes putting on some pretty big girl pants to go to the race, too. I hope you enjoy it--I know you'll enjoy Marcia's company!

    1. I know you understand!! I've made my sign, got my cowbell...if the sun shines while I'm at the beautiful Chicago lakefront, that will be a bonus.

  2. Aww, I love this post! It's so true that runners are so kind! We love the sport and it spreads... and we love to help each other! I am happy you and Marcia hooked up!

    I have had some bikers do the nod though, so don't lose hope there!

    And speaking of clubs, one of the guys in that first pic is in my running club ;)

    1. Yeah! His name is Dave Meyer :)

  3. Awww you are so sweet! I didn't give picking you up a second thought. Like I said before, you are such a good sport for going to the race and I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. We all loved having you there!
    I find that bikers will nod when I'm on my bike but not when I'm running.

    1. It was such a fun day! So glad I went! So glad you talked me into it!