Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday Fun: Never Have I Ever Running Edition

It's FRI-YAY! Party time! I'm kicking off the weekend with a round of Never Have I Ever. Only instead of sharing poor life decisions, let's share poor running decisions. We are runners, after all! If you're in the mood for a drinking game, take a drink every time you've done one of the things I've listed below.

What are you drinking? I've got a tasty Two Brothers Citra United sitting next to me while I'm writing this post. I may need to get another one ready since clearly, I've got a lot to share...

Feel free to copy the questions and share them on your own post. Let's play!

Never Have I Ever Banditted a Race
I may be a rebel, I may not like rules but no, I have not. It's akin to stealing and I can't abide by that!
Never Have I Ever Performed the Snot Rocket/Farmer’s Blow
Eww. I just can't... No.

Never Have I Ever Tripped When Running & Was Seen
Sadly, this has happened to me a few times. The most memorable was when I tripped over a sprinkler head and landed on the sidewalk. A car stopped while I got up slowly, asking me if I was ok. Bloody and battered, I waved him on and continued to run. Then I spotted a friend who, after seeing all the blood, wanted to drive me home. I waved her on. I kept on running. You know you would have too. Because no good running story ends with...'and then I accepted a ride home'.

Never Have I Ever Gone #1 Outside When Running
Who hasn't?

Never Have I Ever Gone #2 Outside When Running
If those damn park districts around here would keep the portapotties out all year round, I wouldn't have to do this. Yes. A runner's gotta do...

Never Have I Ever Stopped to Use a Construction Site Portapotty
Well, it's better than going in the woods, right? I'm a nurse, remember. I've got mad breathing through my mouth skills...

Never Have I Ever Had A Black Toenail from Running
Only a few times. I don't consider them a badge of honor, I consider black toenails to be a nuisance because read on:
Never Have I Ever Painted Nail Polish on a Toe Where the Nail Used to Be
This is why I don't like black toenails. Sometimes they fall off. And yes, the nail technician has had to fill in the gap.

Never Have I Ever Worn Bandaids on My Nipples
Thankfully no! Not even when I was breastfeeding, although the chafing was real. While running, not at all. My sports bras seem to take care of any chafing issues. I've spied some bloody singlets on male runners. Maybe they should make sports bras for men. The bro? The manzier?
Never Have I Ever Owned More Than 5 Pairs of Running Shoes At One Time
Is this wrong?

Never Have I Ever Literally Run Errands
A funny story, when my boys were young and in the elementary school in our neighborhood, I was out for a run when I got a call from the school nurse. Both boys were in the office, sick, and needed to come home. After receiving assurance that they were ok, I finished my run and on my home, stopped by the school to get them. 

On second thought, maybe you don't find this funny. Maybe you're dialing CPS as we speak...
Never Have I Ever Stopped Running & Walked Home
More often than I care to admit.

Never Have I Ever Stopped Running & Called My Significant Other for a Ride Home
I have done this, also more often than I care to admit.

Never Have I Ever Worn More Than One Running Watch at a Time
Before I got my HeartZones monitor, I would wear my Apple Watch and my Garmin. Now it's the HZ monitor and the Garmin. Does that count?
Never Have I Ever Run After 10 p.m. Or Before 5 a.m.
I've never run after 10 pm but I have run before 5 am. Many times. A mom's gotta do...
Never Have I Ever Run With A Dog
I have run with crazy Cocoa and I need to do it more often so she can run off the crazy. Me too. Especially in the winter. 

Never Have I Ever Vomited From Running
Although I've felt like it many times, I never have!
Never Have I Ever Slept in My Running Clothes
No. I like my pajamas.
Never Have I Ever Run in a Costume
While I've dressed for the theme of a race, I've never worn a costume in a race. 

Never Have I Ever Run a Beer Mile
There's been beer at the finish line, but I haven't run a beer mile. As slow as I've gotten, I may have to cross the beer mile off my to-do list. I mean, what do I have to lose? I may even vomit...

Never Have I Ever Planned a Vacation Around a Race
Yes! Although my husband may feel differently. When I ran Big Sur, I said it was going to be a second honeymoon. He said, no, we were going there because I was running. We did have a lot of fun. My suggestion is if you plan a vacation around a race, do the race first and spend the rest of the trip enjoying your time away!

Never have I ever...runners, what haven't you done? Beer mile? Dropped a deuce in the woods? Let's play! /via @oldrunningmom #runchat #running #FridayFun
How did you do? I scored 14. Hic...Share some of your answers in the comments! Drink up...

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  1. This is cute! I have never bandited a race I would just feel too bad. Yes of course to peeing outside all the time. My toe nails ugh but they always have polish. We have to get you to do a Ragnar so you can sleep in a van and run in the middle of the night

    1. If you want to stay friends with me, you probably don't want to make me stay up all night! LOL

  2. I have inadvertently banditted a couple of races, if you count having to run through the finisher's chute because I was unaware a race would be going on an it wasn't up when I started -- it's happened a couple of times and some of my friends have the photos from one time -- one of those photos even got used in promotional material for an entirely different race!

    So far never had to do anything outside, knock on wood (unless you count that leakage one time, but it wasn't intentional).

    Never walked it in, never called for a ride, but I have literally run to the grocery store on occasion. I enjoy doing that but all the stars have to align.

    Great topic, Wendy!

    1. I ran through a finish line last weekend but I wasn't part of the race! No photos tho.

  3. Fun post! I think I come in at 7 - I've done my fair share of "nature peeing" as my son would call it, walked it in and called it in more times than I would care to count. And, let's not discuss how many pairs of shoes I own ;)

  4. Fun! Once my friend asked to use a construction site porta-potty and they let her use the nicer facilities in their trailer!

  5. I scored a 9. One of my more fun answers - yes, I've run in a costume. A turkey costume for Turkey Trots. I think I've done this the past 3-4 years - I've lost count lol

    1. I remember seeing the photos of you wearing that turkey costume! You looked so cute!

  6. I scored 9. Two that stand out: Racecation - Les rode a double metric century and I ran my first marathon on our anniversary weekend in 2012. He gets me!

    The other was the time I trip and went down hard... oh wait, there have been multiple times when I've done that! The most recent was when I sprained my ankle trail running with 1.5 miles to get back to my car. Yeah I ran parts of it and got strange looks from everyone else on the trail because I was so dirty and bloody. I didn't realize how badly I was hurt until I stopped moving.

    1. There's nothing better than a man that gets you! Now about that ankle...

  7. I've fallen a few times and folks driving by stopped to help me twice.
    I've run to the auto repair shop to pick up my car.

    That's it.
    Thank goodness as my beverages of choice is Jack Daniels. Neat. More than two and I'd be in big trouble. Fourteen. You can guess the outcome of that!

  8. Yes to fallen and being seen (why is that so embarrassing?), run after 10pm (at an all-night relay race on a raceway track), sort of a costume if you count a fun headband and cotton shirt (but only for 5K/10K, can't imagine a costume for a half), and while I didn't call my husband for a ride, he came looking for me and my running buddy because we'd gotten a little lost and weren't finished when we should have been - ok we only added a mile and a half, but it was on a planned 11 mile run, oops.

    1. It's not the falling that's embarrassing as much as the being makes it more real?

  9. I also have 14! I have run after midnight in all of my Ragnars (and it was my favorite time which still surprises me). And yes, I do blog snot rockets (and I wrote a blog post about it :-) ). And since I fall frequently it is also freqently in front of other people. And I did once take a ride home (my hubby had to run to get the car) but that time it turned out I'd fractured my patella, so it was probably a good idea. And yes, I once costumed up as the RoadRunner Sports "Shoe Dog" (the Dalmatian with colored spots) for the Costume Party 1/2 Marathon a few years back. Such a fun idea for a post. I want to copy, though I've given most of my answers already :-)

    1. I've seen your falls and since you run trails, I think you get a pass. But I've not known about Shoe Dog...

  10. These posts are always fun to read (and learn about others), and nod my head at the ones I've committed...I scored 13 ;-)

  11. Love this! I have fallen and I have walked and I have wee'd and that's all I'm going to admit to here! What a fun idea for a post.

  12. haha, I always thought this game was fun! :]! For the most part, I haven't done any of these things! (I've done a grand total of 3, hehehe.)

  13. This was fun to read but sadly some of them I could not remember if I've ever done or not. I know I've done a few while biking, like wiping out and getting a ride back home!

  14. I have banditted twice, but both times I was out for a run and timed it so I could jump into the race and run with a friend for about a mile and then jump back out and finish my run. I didn't take any water or anything either time, but still felt kind of guilty...

    In all of my years of running, I've only had two or three black toenails. I definitely have had to "go" on the side of the trail, I'm guilty of blowing snot rockets, and I don't like beer, so no beer miles for me. I've tripped and fallen and have the scars to prove it!