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Friday, October 11, 2019

Could How You Tie Your Laces Be the Secret to Winning Races?

Disclaimer: I received 3 pairs of Lock Laces Original™ in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are mine.

You're probably thinking what the hell, Wendy? I know how to lace and tie my shoes. But I bet you didn't know that the way you tie your shoes can make a difference in how they feel on your feet and ultimately how you run.

Hear me out.

Like most of us, you probably learned the bunny ears shoe-tying technique in grade school. The bunny ears method is the easiest and requires minimal dexterity. The problem with bunny ears is that it isn't all that effective. The knot is kind of loose and the shoes untie easily. Eventually, most kids learn to tie their shoes using the standard way that we all do. Even using a standard tie, I've had to double knot my laces to keep my shoes from coming untied.

Tripping over an untied running shoelace? Not fun. Stopping to retie the shoes? Takes precious time off the clock.

No one is going to win anything when that happens.

Then there's the whole lacing thing. Thank goodness running shoes come laced, right? I don't know about you but when I get new shoes, I want to put them on my feet as quickly as possible and run out the door! But did you know that the lacing technique you use on your running shoes can have an effect on your running?

Have you ever run and realized that your shoes were laced too tightly? I've had my feet fall asleep, which is not a good thing. Not being able to feel the ground when you're running? Heel slippage? Yikes.

Do you use all the holes to lace up your shoes? Even the ones at the ankle? Have you considered that maybe you don't need to use them all? I skip the 6th hole but lace the 7th one. That helps my heel stay in place, supports my foot from rolling in, and prevents pressure on top of the foot.

And they call running a 'simple sport'.

I found a couple of articles on lacing techniques that might help certain foot issues. You can find them here and here. I'll share here that according to the Runners' Connect article, lacing your shoes up snugly, using the heel lock technique can increase the stability of the shoe and decrease impact loading rates.

What if you didn't have to tie your shoes at all? What if you could just slip them on, pre-laced and set to your desired snugness, and head out the door? Would you do it?

Recently, I was sent several pairs of Lock Laces™ to test and review. Full disclosure: I've used Lock Laces™ in the past. I liked them then and so I looked forward to trying Lock Laces again. They were easy to install on my shoes, and because Lock Laces "lock-in", I didn't have to use any complicated lacing techniques to provide the support I need when I run. I also have been using them on the shoes I wear to CrossFit. With all the different activities I do there, it's nice to have my feet feel so secure in my shoes!

Lock Laces Original™ in action on my run this week!
Now that my shoes are pre-laced, it's easy to just slip my foot in and tighten the elastic cords. The lock is non-slip, so once you tighten the lock, it stays in place. The laces are elastic, so they stretch just enough to keep your foot comfortable in the shoes. It took me less than 5 minutes to lace up my shoes and install the locks. No more having to stop and retie my shoes. I may not be winning races, but I really like Lock Laces™!!!

Have you ever tried Lock Laces™?

Can't wait to see if you won? Use my code WENDY15 for 15% off any Lock Laces™!

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  1. I have a pir of those and I didn't really care for them. Maybe I wasn't using them right. Then again, I never have a problem with my laces to begin with. Glad they work for you!

  2. I always double tie my shoes and have NEVER had to stop to redo them. I've also found that I can tell within a few steps whether my shoes are too tight or too loose and I stop immediately to adjust accordingly.

  3. I would probably just chose black since my shoes are a cray cray loud color as it is!

  4. I used those many years back when I first started doing tri races. Have no idea why I stopped!

  5. I don't double knot my laces but do a "reverse" loop and my shoes have never come untied. However, I've used Lock Laces in the past and really like them. They seem to alleviate the pressure on the top of my foot. Plus their fun colors can add a pop to a bland shoe color.

    1. You're the one who got me interested in Lock Laces in the first place. I do love them.

  6. I think I’d have to get a neon or bright color of lock laces!! ��

  7. I'm all about anything bright so I would probably get neon lock laces to add a little flare to my sneakers :)

  8. We had some of those knocking around running club as the committee were given some, and they went to the person who'd got the best parkrun PB in a particular month. We're on to gel packs for knees now, I think. Anyway, people have spoken highly of them. It's interesting to read that they replace your special lacing adequately. I use the last two holes with the loop technique to keep my heels back in the heel cups.

    1. I'm glad I got the opportunity to try the Lock Laces again--I'm not sure why I stopped using them. They're great!

  9. I would choose the neon lock laces.

  10. Would love to try these. Black would be great. Thank you :)

  11. I use the heel lock and it's super helpful for helping keep shoes in place. Luckily I can still slip in and out of my shoes because I have the benefit of a friend who double knotted mine when she was here and I haven't had to undo them. Lock Laces seem like grown up velcro for me and I'm here for that