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Friday, September 28, 2018

Runfessions: September

It's the last Friday in September, which can only mean one thing...Runfessions! It's been an eventful month over here at TTLWH and I've got plenty of things to runfess. Sigh. My soles are always black this time of the month.

Do you runfess? If you don't, you need to jump in. Marcia keeps the runfession open and the penance is easy. Just share your running-related transgressions with the rest of us. We get you.

Ok, I'm going in. See you in a bit...

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Juggling the Weekly Workout Routine

When I think about it, I'm pretty regimented with my weekly schedule. Between working out and going to work, I've got everything very well synchronized. Even when everything falls into place, my routine is a delicate balancing act. It doesn't take much to throw my schedule off track. Summer is especially a challenge. Flexibility is the key. All summer long, I've been moving my workouts around, getting up early just to get them in, or worst case scenario, skipping a workout altogether. Between vacations and fun outings, I've had to do a lot of juggling with my workout schedule. This week was no different.