Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hot Wheeling: Venus de Miles Ride Recap

Another fun Venus de Miles Illinois event is in the books!

I participated in the 25-mile ride last year and was so happy with my experience that this year I applied to be an ambassador. The Venus de Miles ride benefits the Greenhouse Scholars, which is an organization dedicated to providing "personal and financial support to high-performing, under-resourced college students". This is a great organization and I was thrilled to be a part of it again this year! I summed up the mission of the ride in a blog post earlier this summer. Today's post is the recap of this year's event. There is also a ride coming up later this summer in Colorado.

My sister lives less than a mile from the start of the Illinois ride. Since she was riding with me this year I met her at her house. I rode over to Lake Forest College, where the race is held. The 62-mile riders were heading out for their ride as I arrived. In the bike racking area, there was a representative from Trek checking out bikes if needed. As I walked over to packet pickup I met the coordinator of the event, Lisa, as well as my fellow ambassador for the 25-mile ride, Tammy. We took pictures and got ready to ride. As it turned out, my sister knew Tammy! What a small world!

Me, with Tammy, my fellow ambassador. What a dynamo!
We lined up for the ride under the VDM banner. My sister was anxiously awaiting the arrival of her 2 friends, and they rode up to the start just in time. The national anthem was sung and we were off! It was hot and humid, and it felt good to get rolling. This year's course was rerouted, due to some area road construction. We were assured that there was ample signage, as well as police and volunteers directing riders at busy intersections.

And we're off!
So excited that the photographer got this shot of my sister and me.
photo credit
I'm not sure what happened, but shortly into the ride, my sister realized that we were off course. We were in the middle of the pack of riders and just followed the women in front of us. I pulled out my map but had no clue where we were. It was a bit of a kerfluffle. Prior to the ride, my sister studied the course map. Between that and her knowledge of the area, she got us back on track. No thanks to the ambassador riding with us. Yes, that would be me.

Some of the riders just kept going, in spite of my sister's insistence we should turn around. The ladies who rode off ahead of us? Who knows how long they rode before they realized they were going the wrong way.

Back on course, we pedaled down the road. The early part of the ride was on very pretty, shady streets. We chit-chatted and admired the beautiful homes along the route. One of my sister's friends is also a runner and it was great to trade anecdotes about past races. There were a lot of cyclists out, riding in packs. The miles flew by and we turned onto the bike path, heading south. There was little shade here and it was pretty warm. We passed a lot of slower, sweaty riders.

One part of the course took us onto a very busy 4 lane highway. I was surprised and a little nervous about that. We picked up the pace and after about a mile or so, we were back on a bike path and then on neighborhood roads.

About halfway into the ride, there was a rest stop for the riders. Last year I didn't stop but this year I was glad to have it. The heat and humidity were taking a toll on all of us. I was drinking my Tailwind, but even though I froze both bottles, it was completely thawed and warm after about 5 miles into the ride. The rest stop had cold cloths for us, water, Nuun, Luna bars, and other snacks, as well as portapotties.

Rest stop amenities!
Photo credit

Janine refueling with Nuun hydration!
photo credit
Merci, Janine, Me, and Lisa
We headed back onto the road and finished up the ride. Just like last year, the post ride party was amazing. There was a catered brunch with Mexican style foods, which were delicious. There were also cocktails and Goose Island beer, as well as a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. Several of the scholars were walking around and we talked with one who is going to Colby College in Maine to study computer science. Like the scholars we met last year, she was articulate and poised, and also very grateful for the support of the ride. We also checked out the vendors, including Moxie cycling, who provided the ambassador jersey I received. They were offering 25% off jerseys and I bought another one as they were super cute!

The Greenhouse Scholars mingle with participants at the after party. It's really nice to talk with them about their future plans and dreams!
photo credit
photo credit

The Illinois Greenhouse Scholars
photo credit
I wasn't feeling great after the ride, even after refueling and rehydrating, so my sister and I left. But before I left, I talked with Tammy, the other ambassador. I was amazed at everything she does to fundraise for Venus de Miles, including organizing a team of riders! I plan on doing this event again next year and will connect with Tammy to hopefully grow a team like hers with riders where I live. I can't say enough about what a great event Venus de Miles is and I love the charity they support. I'm looking forward to participating again!

Janine, me, Lisa
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Loving...and Not Loving

This week ended on loving a spontaneous road trip to my parents' place in Northern Wisconsin! I have some time off work this week. While I planned on a staycation to get things done at home aka declutter, the lure of cooler temperatures and serenity were too hard to pass up. I'm hoping to avoid a repeat of my foot injury. I promise not to drink wine and go kayaking.

While I'm not loving the clutter, it can wait for a rainy/snowy day. It's summer and the living is easy...

Loving: If you follow the blog regularly, you know that I ran this week! Twice! It may only be 8 miles on the Garmin, but my brain thought it was a PR. Who knew that a short distance could release those powerful endorphins? I'm like a junkie who needed a fix. It was like someone flipped a switch and turned on the lights. I felt like a new woman.
Not loving: My foot still hurts at times. It doesn't hurt when I run, but later on, after I've rested a while I can feel it. The excruciating pain I had after the injury is gone, though. Note to self: The kinetic chain is calling. You have to do your hip strengthening exercises.

On one of the runs, I stopped to do my playground strength training. That counts for something, right?

Scapular pull ups. Doesn't look like much, does it?
Loving: Everything lemon. This time of year, lemon tastes so refreshing! I went to the grocery store last week and they had a giant bin of Larabars for $1 each. Did you say Lemon Larabars? Did you even know they existed? Now I'm obsessed. They may replace my perpetual favorite, Lemon LunaBars.
Not loving: The lemons that life keeps handing me. Persistent PF. Bills. Worries about my aging parents and father-in-law. Work stuff. Teenagers. It's why I need to run. And why I'm running away to the north woods.

That is EXACTLY what I did. See how I did that?
Loving: I went to 2 yoga classes at the studio this week! I also did one session at home. I finally held galabasana, aka flying crow.
Not loving: I could not extend my upper leg into the full pose. My hamstrings are just too tight. Note to self: you have to do your hip strengthening exercises. Foam rolling might be helpful too.

This crow won't fly!

Loving: The pup is getting big and doesn't mind sleeping in her crate. I think she's a pretty smart little dog. She loves going on walks and does great on her leash. She loves ice cubes! She keeps us laughing with her antics. Most of the time.
Not loving: Even though she's "mostly" housetrained, there are still some occasional accidents. Or are they?! And she's a little skittish around people she doesn't know. I've resorted to bringing treats on our walks and having people bribe her with a treat before they pet her. While that seems to be helping, we're going to puppy preschool, after her "evaluation" next week. Yes, it's a thing.

Silently judging my chair pose.
Loving: I rode Venus de Miles on Saturday. With my sister. So fun! I made some new friends too.  I fell in love with my bike again. And how about this cute bike jersey from Moxie? Cycling clothing? Oh boy... anyhoo, I'll post the ride recap later this week.
Not loving: It was 88 degrees and 50% humidity, which translates to a "real feel" of 97. And our 25 mile ride ended up being 29 miles because we were sent the wrong way. By the local popo. Can you say sweaty? I felt kind of nauseated most of the afternoon.

I'm not sure how you Southerners do this. Yeah, I know I wrote all about beating the heat earlier this week. But it was tough. Which is why I'm escaping to Wisconsin.

My sister and me at Venus de Miles
What are you loving this week? Not loving?

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Friday, July 22, 2016

5 Reasons to Love Running in the Heat

Hot enough for you? Everyone is talking about this summer's heat. Mother Nature has turned on the blast furnace in regions of the US that are usually more temperate. The media are out in force, reporting on the heat and giving advice. I'm sure there will be the requisite attempts to fry an egg on the sidewalk, bake cookies on the car dashboard, and videos of kids opening hydrants in the city.

Instead of complaining about the summer heat, I invite you to embrace the warmth. Because 6 months from now, we will be heading into the depths of winter.

If you are looking for advice on how to run in the heat, this is not that post.

Gentle reminder: If you do run outside in the heat, be smart and take all the proper precautions. In the spirit of the Friday Five, I've got five links from some of my favorite and most knowledgeable bloggers with some great advice for running in the heat:

Run With No Regrets
Marcias Healthy Slice
Eat Pray Run DC
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And remember, Christmas is only 156 days away.

This was a warm Underground Polar Express Run last December!
The goal of this post is to make you LOVE running in this hot weather. Ok maybe not LOVE, but at least to get you to TOLERATE running outside in the dog days of summer. We've got the sun, blue skies, green grass, flowers. Old guys in speedos. If that visualization doesn't entice you out the door, what better way to remind ourselves of all that is good about summer running than by looking back at pictures of winter running? Remember guys, summer is the time of year we long for after the cold, dark months of winter.

If you love running in the winter, this is not the post for you. In fact, I don't even think I know you. Full disclosure: I run outdoors all year round. But it doesn't mean I love running in the winter. Like running in the heat of summer, I try to find the silver lining when I'm out there in the bitter cold and snow.

Yes, I know. Running in the heat is hard. Looking at the Garmin is not rewarding. Our paces are slow, our runs feel so tough. I get it. But it's summer! There's beer at the finish line. I don't want to think about running on the treadmill. Instead of complaining about the heat, let's embrace the benefits that these warm days can bring to our running.

What is there to love about running in the summer heat?

1. Sweat. You sweat like an olympian no matter how fast or slow, or how long or short you are running. I don't know about you, but when I sweat I feel like I worked really hard. Yesterday after my workout with Becky, I went to the park where I run to collect more Pokeballs (don't judge me). This park has 4 Pokestops, all near the parking lot. I walked around for about a half hour, collecting more Pokeballs. It must have been hard work, because I was sweating like a pig. Maybe it was the 80% humidity. Regardless, I'm pretty sure I earned that shower. It was actually my second shower of the morning. My first was earlier, after my run.

I'm pretty sure I earned my shower this day too. I just wasn't very sweaty.
2. You don't have to wear layers of clothes. Which means less laundry. I love the idea of just heading outside in shorts or a skirt and a singlet. In the winter, I have to dress appropriately. And I look like this:

I think it was about -12F this day.
3. The water fountains in all the parks are on. In the winter (and spring and fall as well) the water fountains are turned off in all the parks around where I run. On occasion, we get those warm teaser days and while I love running on those warm days in the off season, there is not water readily available. Those runs remind me of how grateful I am to have drinking fountains in the summer. I plan my routes accordingly. And along with the access to water, the bathrooms are open. Another plus.

No water fountains on this run. Just lots of frozen water.
4. Running in the summer heat conditions you for fast running in the cooler fall temps. You Florida folks know what I'm talking about here. Heat training is a thing. It's all about the red blood cells. There are probably easier ways to increase your hematocrit than running in hot weather. You can ask Lance all about that. But I can guarantee you that smart running in warm conditions will benefit you when you line up for your fall marathon.

A half marathon almost PR on a cold fall day last November! Heat training...
5. You get badass points for running outside. Yesterday morning on my run around the neighborhood, I had more than one person tell me I was crazy, which I took as a compliment. Were those people glistening in badassery sweat? I don't think so. Non-runners don't get us. Knowing that you pushed yourself through a brutally hot run will boost your confidence and provide you with strength that you can draw on during a tough spot in a race. You can also talk about your runs in this heat in casual conversation. Nothing says badass like a runner taking it outside in "feels like 90F+" conditions.

Cold conditions at the retention pond.

Do you like running in the heat? Or do you loathe it? What do you do to get yourself through a hot run?

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I'm also really excited to tell you all that I have a guest post on Jill Conyers' blog today! It's all about running and yoga, my two favorite things!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Runner's Gotta Do...

I came home from work Monday and told my husband I was "this close" to a nervous breakdown.

Life 1, Wendy 0.

How do non-runners deal with stress?

I'm pretty sure I have some ideas about that. All of them tempting. None of them healthy.

I've been dealing with this latest flare of PF by taking time off the road. This latest break has lasted 3 weeks. I did run that 10k a few weeks ago, but other than that, I've behaved myself.

Normally when I take time off from running for injury, I'm ok. But this go round? I'm struggling. Probably because this injury has lasted so long. On Monday, I hit critical mass.

I had a horrible day at work. After work, I drank more wine than I should have. Ok, it wasn't all my fault. The waitress kept refilling my glass. Not that I was saying no...

But in my wine-induced fog, I made a decision.

Damn you, PF. I would put on my shoes and run in the morning.

I didn't set my alarm, but I woke up at 5:45. I would not go to the pool to run. I would stick to my resolve and run for real. This was all about therapy. A mental image of Green Speedo helped me stay strong.

I decided to run 3 miles. Maybe 4 if I felt ok. I promised myself to go slow. And bonus points--I would stop at the playground to do my upper body work.

I started out slow but the legs soon settled into my normal pattern. I checked my watch and I was running at a nice easy pace. I felt good. A tiny bit of heel pain but nothing more than that. I stopped twice to swing like a monkey from the bar at the playground. And then I came home.

4 miles. 8:55/mile. Best of all, I felt like myself again. All day. On my game. Kickin' ass and taking names.

Today's Wednesday Word is pragmatic. And I think this run completely fits.

I knew what I needed to do.

I ran.

Do you ever buck advice and just do what you know is the best thing to do? 

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Becoming Unstuck

I've been putting on a brave front these last couple of weeks but I'm finally going to put it out there: this foot issue has gotten me down. I try to keep things positive here on the blog. I'm afraid if I write about feeling blue, it will only exacerbate those feelings. Plus who wants to read about my pity party? When I post positive thoughts on the blog, it makes me feel happy. The interaction I have with all of my readers reflects that.

This week I really struggled. I had trouble staying positive. Kind of stuck in a rut, so to speak. It's been nine months dealing with this and I really want it to go away.

True confession: I've got that summertime sadness. I miss running. I really do. Reality bites.

But like the runner that I am, I dug deep and ended the week with some really strong workouts and a much better attitude. I am feeling better.

Just like pushing past mile 20, right?

So how was the week?

I've started walking Cocoa after dinner. She's becoming a little skittish around people she doesn't know. I could use a little socialization. The walks have been good for both of us. We go about a mile. I've gotten to see some of my neighbors and get caught up on all the news. One of my friends gave Cocoa and me a tour of her new kitchen. We caught a few Pokemon too.

Monday: rest day. I did get in a squat with the pup, though!

Tuesday: Pool running x 1 hour. My deepening funk was not helped by a negative encounter with two folks swimming laps across the dive well. They stopped across the pool from me and I heard them loudly commenting that there should be "lap lines" in the diving well. Clearly, they were not happy with me "jogging" the perimeter of the pool. I didn't say anything to them but wanted to remind them that there is a lap pool with 8 lanes right next to the dive well. I was unable to shake it off. It didn't help that the old guy was wearing a green speedo. They eventually left the pool and I finished my workout.

Pool squats. I have freakishly long arms. Maybe long enough to slap someone upside the head.
Wednesday: Yoga at the studio. We had a vigorous, uplifting practice. After class, I chatted with one of the owners of the studio. He shared with me that he was participating in Oprah and Deepak Chopra's 21 day Meditation Experience. Like me, he struggles with focus and mindfulness. He told me that he found this practice really helpful. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical. But I decided to check it out. After all, it's free. Interestingly, the theme of the practice is "Getting Unstuck". Mind blown. It's like Oprah and Deepak know me. I slept like a baby that night.

Crow pose for the squat and plank challenge. Kind of an all-in-one pose.
Thursday: Pool running x 1 hour. Although my 16 year old was supposed to go with me and work on rehabbing that broken leg, he slept in. I went by myself and approached the pool with a whole new "I'm rubber, you're glue, words bounce off me and stick on you" attitude. Fortunately, Green Speedo was not there. Later I went to see Becky, who had me do pushups with my legs on a box (handstand pushup prep). I carried a plate above my head, one handed a la waiter style, alternating arms. Swung on the rings again. One armed rows with a dumbell alternating with backward slam balls. All good.

handstand pushup prep
Friday: rest

Saturday: I got up early and again struggled with motivation. It was a gorgeous morning and I pushed myself out the door. I rode the bike 17.25 miles. There is something to be said about those early morning workouts. Solitude. Nature. Lots of rewards.

Finding beauty in suburbia
A bounty of cranes
Sunday: I made plans with my sister to ride 25 miles. I was so looking forward to riding with someone. A thunderstorm rolled through and I thought the ride wasn't going to happen. But she was game and so was I. The sun came out and we rode through the beautiful town where she lives. Coincidently, the Venus de Miles ride takes place here and we rode some of the route. We rode side by side and talked the whole time. Good for the soul.

Taking a little break for this breathtaking view of Lake Michigan
And some sister planks!
So the foot is starting to calm down. I'm hoping to road test it in another week or so. In the meantime, the cross training continues. As does the meditation.

Like we say in yoga, namaste.

How was your week? Have you ever done meditation? If you have, can you share your experience?

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Book Review: Runners of North America: A Definitive Guide to the Species by Mark Remy

We are officially in the thick of summer. The dog days. Many runners are also in the depths of fall marathon training. Not this one, sadly. Damn you PF.

But I digress.

Long runs, speed work, tempo runs, fartleks, splits, yassos...GU, fuel, chews, hydration... compression, foam roller,'s all running to me! Runners have their own language. Among other quirky things.

What do you think about on those solo long runs? Do you think about running? About other runners? That guy who just passed you? What kind of runner is he? Mark Remy thinks about other runners and over the years he's pretty much become an expert on running anthropology.  His new book, Runners of North America: A Definitive Guide to the Species is not only a laugh out loud read, it's spot on. Perfect light reading for this time of year.

You can purchase a signed copy here!
Or if you just want a cheaper, unsigned copy, you can buy that here!
Mark Remy is well-known to many of us runners from his humorous articles and now gone but not forgotten Remy's World column in Runner's World magazine. He is currently the proprietor of Dumb Runner, a website where he continues his amusing take on all things running. Remy recently published his 5th book, Runners of North America: A Definitive Guide to the Species where he shares his well-honed observations about all things runners.

Remy lists 23 "subspecies of runners". Seasoned runners will recognize most if not all of these subtypes. There's the obvious: the Elite Runner, the Serious Runner, and the Newbie Runner. But Remy identifies a few other subtypes that we've all seen at races or on the road. The Weirdo Runner, who "keeps things fun in a sport that can suffer somewhat by overearnestness". That would include those guys running in tutus and maybe Doctor Dribble, whom I saw at the Chicago Marathon. The Fashion Mag Runner, aka lopus lulemonus (gotta love the genera), who always looks "terrific". The Grizzled Vet, several of whom I've lined up next to at legendary races like the Chicago Marathon. The Grizzled Vet I met at last year's Chicago Marathon told me he has run Chicago for the past 25 years. Big Sur honored their Grizzled Vets at this spring's race--there were 12 guys who have run and finished Big Sur for the 31 years since the race's inception.

This was a really fun section to read. In case you were wondering, I fit the profile of the Mom Runner. Apparently, it's all about a love of running and wine. Oh and calling myself "badass". I had hoped for something more intense, like the Serious Runner. But in all reality, I have to call a spade a spade. I'm a mom who runs. I'm a runner who's a mom. Who likes wine. I did have a minivan at one time. I have a ponytail. And I'm not old enough to be a Grizzled Vet, right?
Graphic used with permission of Mark Remy
In fact, he encouraged me to use this photo even though Rodale has the rights.
Especially if I provide links to buy the book.
You can find them scattered throughout this post.
After describing the 23 subtypes of runners you might encounter, the rest of the book is devoted to typical runner behavior. Coffee and beer are dietary staples of most runners. But you knew that, right? And those of you don't drink either beverage, I don't even know you. Do you think you are a real runner?  Of course, that is a subtype too. The I'm Not A Real Runner runner. So much humility.

All joking aside, you know that if you run, you are a runner. 

At the end of the book, there's a handy dandy chart for you to keep track of all the runners when and where you see them. Kind of like Pokemon Go, without the bouncing ball. I dare one of you to develop an app for sighting all the runner subtypes. 

Runners of North America: A Definitive Guide to the Species is a very comprehensive study of runners. It is also very clever. Clearly, Remy has been studying runners and their habits for a very long time. He covers other topics such as psychology, communication, and behavior. I learned a few new things about runners from this book. For example, the cross section of the runner's brain, which while appearing much like a normal human brain, has several different sections including the Painful Memory Suppression Gland, which "generates chemical substances that diminish bad memories of the runner's last marathon". Much like the Mom brain, which does the same after the birth of a child (my comment, not Remy's). 

I completely enjoyed this book. As a person who works with the public, I'm fascinated by people and their behaviors. As a subtype, we runners take ourselves so seriously, don't we? And that's the whole point of the book. Not only did I laugh when I was reading this book, I found myself nodding at Mark's observations. In fact, when I'm running I spend a lot of time thinking about the runners I pass on the path. After reading this book, I want to go for a run with Mark Remy. We'd have a lot to talk about. And I promise to bring pie for the finish.

When I asked Remy what runner he was, he told me he thought he was a hybrid of the Dad Runner and Grizzled Vet. I'll give him that, since he's run 26 marathons and 7 Boston Marathons! 

What runner subtype are you? Anything he missed here? 

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Next month we will be reading Boston Bound by Elizabeth Clor. I am so looking forward to reading her journey to the Boston Marathon after 7 attempts to qualify. Elizabeth writes a blog, Racing Stripes. She's also agreed to an author interview, which I am really excited about! Perfect timing for all you fall marathoners who are hoping for a BQ! This review and link up will go live on August 19.

Click on the photo to purchase the book!
affiliate link

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I've Got A Feeling...

I've been told that I have great instincts. Intuition? Dumb luck? I usually have a second sense for things.

Not always, but for the most part, things pretty much seem to work out for me. I like to fly by the seat of my pants. You know my motto: trust the gut. And I do. Because when I don't...doh!

Today's Wednesday Word is visceral, and yep, I've got a feeling about this post...

I've got a feeling....running on the path this past spring when I was marathon training, I passed a guy who made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I trusted the gut and altered my route to a more popular path. I don't know if there was anything to it, but you know what? Why take a chance?

I've got a feeling... it took me a few minutes but oh yes, that elderly neighbor I saw this week while out for a walk with Cocoa? The one who told me I was just what he "was looking for"? Thinking he has dementia. It was creepy and sad at the same time. I've talked to this guy for the last 19 years and he had no clue who I was. That was tough.

I've got a feeling... when the lottery for Big Sur came up last summer, I reached out to Kristina, of Live Laugh Love Run. I had a feeling she would be up for it and that she would run with me! Not only did we both get in and run the race, she stuck by me even though it was going to be a slow paced run. Best running partner ever. And a forever friend.

I've got a feeling... last year when I was finishing up my training for Chicago, I knew that the BQ I had trained for wasn't going to happen. It wasn't a lack of confidence or pessimism on my part.. it was realism. My training hadn't gone well and I realized I had to readjust my goals. It was just a feeling but I knew I had to go with my gut. Turned out, it was a wise move.

On the struggle bus...determined to finish.
I've got a feeling...  Two weeks ago, I fell on that rock in Wisconsin but as much as it hurt, I knew my foot wasn't broken. Even last week, when I finally dragged my tail into the doctor and she did an x-ray, I knew it wasn't broken. But a runner's gotta do... and yes, it still hurts...and yep, I'm still not running...

I've got a feeling.. a few years ago I entered an Instagram contest to win a free entry into the Chicago Marathon through my employer. I posted a waterskiing picture, thinking that would give me an edge. Not sure if it did, but I won. And away I went.
This wasn't the money shot but why not?
I'm not always on target. Sometimes I trust the gut and I'm way off. But for the most part, the gut is pretty reliable. Way better than the Magic 8 ball. Or horoscopes.

Go with the gut. That's what I do. Do you?

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